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Flatter Your Body: 5 Best Gym Leggings for the Bum

If you are looking for the best gym leggings for the bum, look no further! In this article, we’re featuring 5 top picks of gym leggings for the bum that will make your booty look amazing. We might not help you achieve that perfect Kardashian kind of curve, but these booty shaping pieces are sure to get you at least a percent of the way there.

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#1 Women Elastic Fitness Sports Gym Leggings for Bum

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Price: US $17.98
Sizes: Small to XL

Choosing your new workout clothes is very rewarding and will help you to keep motivated and stick to your fitness routine but you don’t want anything that will make you feel constricted and itchy when exercising.

These Women Elastic Fitness Sports Leggings is definitely your type. The stretchy staple, which is detailed with elastic waist detail is our favorite feature

The winning feature is the flat waistband and the elastic part at the ankles to keep them in place even during hard workouts; the quick-drying fabric is totally worth it at this price.

When you have this pair, all you have to do is change your footwear, match up with a sweater and you are ready!

With an elegant heart-shaped stitch in back, this design does a flawless job showing off your best asset.

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#2 Black Heart Shape Skinny Booty Gym Leggings for Bum

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Price: US $19.26
Sizes: Small to Large

Get ready to become a head turner in the gym! This pair of leggings will definitely sculpt and shape your body. Notice that the contrast of textured fabrics and the leather lines immediately gives you that butt-lifting feature.

If you really wanted to show off your bum, this is the perfect design for you. They’re very comfortable and cozy. If you are always on the go, you’ll feel confident sporting these body-hugging styles whether you’re heading to the gym, yoga or meeting with friends.

See the booty transformations for yourself. These gym leggings were really worth the hype! Wearing these tights on your workout will not only make you look bad ass but will give you the convenient support your lower body needs.

It definitely helps enhance the body curves, lifts the bottom and adds comfort. These Black Heart Shape Skinny Booty Sports Leggings does not wear down easily.


#3 Women’s Harajuku Sexy Print Gym Leggings for Bum

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Price: US $21.18
Sizes: Small to Large

If you are attending a yoga class and you wanted to flaunt your booty without the fear of being humiliated by the person behind you while doing stretchy poses- you definitely want these. You need your leggings to perform in a certain way and also make you look trendy and fashionable.

You’ll surely like the high-waisted design and for it having a bit of grip on them to help with poses. Women’s Harajuku Sexy Print Sports Leggings seem to be the most beloved from the brand for both yoga and gym workouts. It contours perfectly to your body.

Aside from conforming to your curves and make you look hot and sexy, this pair of gym leggings for bum is also perfect for a hard day at the gym. They stay put even if you are moving through your flow so you don’t have to constantly readjust. It is also a comfortable wear for going around or running errands.

#4 Women High Waist Camouflage Printed Gym Leggings

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US $19.96
Sizes: Small to XL

This pair of camouflage leggings is perfect for your bum. If you wanted to be chic but wanted to appear a bit tough- this is what you are looking for. Perfect for tough girls like you!

These classic High Waist Camouflage Printed Yoga Pants never goes out of style! And the design is versatile enough to fit every woman’s taste. The camouflage print always brings out your fun, flirty and sexy personality.

Almost every clothing have camouflage designs and Tracksuits Sports Leggings always goes with that classic trend.

Update your workout clothing with this classic design and you’ll never go wrong choosing the basic ones so you can always pull it off your wardrobe to wear them on most occasions and most of your workouts.


#5 Women Elastic Seamless High Waisted Gym Leggings for Bum

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Price: US $31.98
Sizes: Small to Large

This pair of leggings is simply one of the basic leggings you should have in your closet. The criss-cross feature that flaunts your waist and bum makes it a little bit special and would make you stand out when you walk into the gym.

I swear this is the perfect way to flaunt your curves!  This is designed to fit like a second-skin so you will really feel ultra-comfortable with its seamless design.

These Seamless High Waisted Gym Leggings for Bum have an extra-wide waistband, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable and flattering anytime you wear them. Definitely a must-have!


Tips for Choosing Your Workout Clothing

If after all, you didn’t want to flaunt your bum too much in your workout clothing there are other important features to take a look for of course.

You might be thinking that your outfit to the gym doesn’t matter because you’re just going to be sweaty anyway, but let us be reminded that your choice of gym gear is much more important than you could ever realize. The right athletic gear will definitely contribute to your performance and boost your confidence.

Take a look at all these important features, tips and heads up the next time you head to a store to purchase your next gym wear.


No matter how cute the design is and you are not comfortable wearing it, it isn’t really worth to spend for. If you have allergies, avoid any rough fabrics that could irritate your skin during repetitive movement. Choose those materials that will let you move freely.

The fit should matter than the size, as some gym wear tend to run in smaller size and more form-fitting than regular sizing of clothes. You can take a look for items that have a small percentage of spandex indicated on the label of the apparel.

This allows for a bigger range of motion during exercise and can really provide comfy fit without being too tight.

Wicking ability

Your sweat and the water vapor form in your workout clothes as a result of working out. Fabric with quick drying abilities will pull the sweat away from the body helping to reduce wetness, moisture, and discomfort.

If you’re sweating too much, make sure your leggings base layer will keep you dry and comfy. You can look for leggings that are made from polyester/ Lycra blend or another synthetic material. These materials in leggings keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and help you dry quickly.

If you go for organic and natural materials, wool and bamboo exercise shirts perfectly wick away moisture.

Perfect fit

Not too tight and not too loose, that’s a perfect fit. Good air circulation in the garments reduces the heat that your body emits during a workout. Breathable leggings will help alleviate overheating by allowing air to freely circulate in and around the clothing or fabric.

While you might be comfortable to hide beneath baggy layers, you will feel more confident and sure of yourself if you wear an outfit that flaunts your body alignment and shows up your assets. If you feel comfortable about yourself, you’ll dig more into to exercise more often.

The trend in workout clothing change too, but the basics never go out of style. Comfort is always above style.

Add one or two more trendy pieces to your wardrobe such us the tracksuits leggings we have reviewed and tested but keep at least one or two pairs of classic black yoga pants that are really timeless.


Your workout wardrobe should be very versatile, that it can withstand you throughout the hottest seasons to the coldest ones.

We always have one pair of leggings that have been with us for years and we keep on pulling that off whenever we have errands (whether we hit the gym or go to parks- etc) because it is the only pair that we can use in any occasions.

It costs us too much when we spend more money buying leggings that we don’t actually use. To avoid overspending when seasons change, keep this in mind that when you are shopping for leggings, look for items that can easily belayer during the cold months.

You can start with a moisture-wicking dry layer, such as a quick-drying shirt or tank top, then you can add a warmer layer such as a fleece pullover. Then you can finally finish with a protective outer layer just like a nylon shell. Another tip! Shop during the off-season too to get the best deals.

Modernly Designed

There are many new workout clothes that feature anti-microbial or antibacterial treatments to fight body and sweat odor. Some have included a UV protection to fight the sun’s harmful rays. There are also glow-in-the-dark features in running pants to help keep you visible if you exercise after dark.

If you are a hiker concerned about Lyme disease, look for clothing that contains permethrin, a synthetic version of the natural insect repellent found in chrysanthemums. Check out this awesome: Velvet Loungewear Women’s Tracksuit Sets

Activity appropriate

There are workout clothes that are designated for a certain workout. Baggy pants are not suitable for cycling, and flowing tops won’t work or keep you covered when you do downward dog positions in yoga class.

Know the activities that you do most and make sure the clothes you will buy are comfortable and appropriate for that activity. One style that never goes inappropriate in the gym is fitted workout Capri pants and a fitted performance top combination. You can also try some of your workout poses in the dressing room to be sure that it keeps intact no matter how much you move.

Later on, you’ll discover that the more you engage yourself in exercise, the more important it is to choose and wear the right workout clothes or gym leggings. You will really know when you have chosen the right workout clothes when aside from it feels so comfortable; The right outfit also makes you feel like a million bucks no matter what the price is. So do find pieces that flatter your body figure so you can definitely hit the gym in style.


What to Wear in the Gym?- Dos And Don’ts

Do you want to be fashionable even when you work out in the gym? Choosing the right gym wear can be very difficult. But what you wear really matters. Let us take a look the 5 common mistakes people make when selecting workout clothes and we will also show you how to correct them to improve both your stamina and your style.

At the gym, you truly witness it all, from the jacked guys’ everyone’s terrified of, to the girls prancing around dressed like Barbie dolls. Needless to say, people at the gym can truly be spectacles. One of the most entertaining things is the way people dress.

Yes, getting a good workout is important, but wearing the right clothing can be just as crucial. Here are five simple tips to keep in mind when picking out an outfit.

  1. Keep your shirt on. We all know that people who work out hard want to show off their hot bod, but the gym is not an appropriate spot. Working out shirtless or in a sports bra will make people around you uncomfortable, so be courteous and keep it on. Cut out shirts and tiny tank tops are not recommended, either. This doesn’t mean you have to wear an oversized sweatshirt, but wear something that will keep you moderately covered up. Of course, you deserve to show off your hard work, but save the showcase for happy hour.
  2. Leave skimpy shorts at home. There are a perfect time and place for everything, but shorts at the gym are not one of them. If your spandex shorts are riding up during your entire workout, then they are a bad choice. Guys, this rule applies to you, as well. Tight pants at the gym is a no. Just like going shirtless, shorts that are too short are a distraction. Keep length in mind when picking out this type of attire.
  3. Appropriate shoes are crucial. Wearing the right shoes to the gym is just as important as the rest of your clothes. Flip flops at the gym? Never!. Not only will you look out of place, but you’re not going to get a very good workout. Wearing appropriate shoes is also only important for looks, not to mention safety. Save your sandals for the beach.
  4. Full hair and makeup is a big no. We can all picture the girls who show up to the gym looking like they could throw on a pair of heels and go to prom. Wearing a small amount of makeup and having your hair in a ponytail is obviously normal, but entering the gym decked out will make you appear as if you are trying way too hard. Impress the guys with your workout, not with your looks. In addition, if you leave the gym still looking like a Barbie doll you have not had a successful workout.
  5. Wear flattering clothes. Although wearing clothes that are too small for you is a not ideal, you should still make an effort to feel attractive in your workout clothes. Wearing oversized t-shirts and baggy sweatpants are uncomfortable and will make you want to crawl back to bed, not work out! When you feel sporty and confident in your clothes it will make you feel motivated and you’ll work out harder.

Having the right outfit in the gym is essential in order to improve your performance in the fitness studio. Inappropriate style choices can cause injuries and leave you feeling uncomfortable. You cannot go wrong if you stick to comfortable gym wear, light fabrics and neutral colours with bright accents.